Yovoni Hair Solutions

Have the look you want with authentic Ukrainian/ Russian  hair.  Our extensions  are ethically sourced and minimally processed.  Colours range from natural blonde to darkest brunette/black.  Naturally wavy or straight.  Our technicians are trained and certified in Montreal, Quebec by an award winning school specializing in European Hair extensions.  With proper care your extensions can last well over a year.  Once installed your Hair Stylist may cut them to suit.  Many glamorous women wear hair extensions for length, volume, or to add colour. Achieve that full  Bob that’s trending now or simply add length and turn fine aging hair into a young glorious mane.  Look a decade younger, with young healthy locks. 

Our Extension Methodology

Tape In Extensions

• Safe for fine/thin hair
• Comfortable
• Easy to care for
• Quick installation
• Affordable
• Hair reusable for up to and over one year
• Hair needs to be re installed every three months depending on individuals rate of hair growth
• Roots may be ccolour treated with hair extensions in
• Hair extensions may be coloured and styled as usual

Keratin Extensions

• Comfortable
• Easy to care for
• Best option for individuals who are athletic and outdoors,
such as a life guard
• Last up to 8 months without reinstallation
• Roots may be colour treated as usual
• Hair extensions may be colour treated

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